Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Follow me to a new blog...

Greetings all!

I have moved! Please join me on my new website:  http://connietuttle.com/

Look for Retro Wednesdays where I will repost some from this (a gracious heresy) blog.

Check out Fridays for new posts, rants, inspirations... and more!

We are still working out a few kinks in the site -but it is looking good. My thanks to Jenifer Cooper at Cooperworks http://cooperworks-inc.com/ for her gorgeous work.

Please follow my blog!  There will soon be a tab that you can use to sign on.

I am also blogging on an exciting new site moderated by Dr. Monica A. Coleman:
http://www.realspiritualityforreallife.com/   where I am in the company of some wonderful thinkers and bloggers.

see you there!

blessings and peace,

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